Monday, October 09, 2006

Love Potions

Delighted to say I have now received my copy of "Love Potions" by my friend Christina Jones (, and naturally started reading straight away - standing up with my early morning cup of tea. Christina's most recent books are what she calls bucolic frolics with a somewhat magical theme: Hubble Bubble, Seeing Stars and now, Love Potions.

Ever since her first mainstream novel, Going The Distance, I have loved Christina's books, as have both my daughters, Louise and Phillipa. In fact, Going The Distance was the book that started Phillipa reading fiction, since when she has become Christina's most devoted fan. For years she wouldn't read anything else but kept re-reading Christina, but eventually I persuaded her to try Jill Mansell, to whom she became almost as devoted. She wants to live in one of the villages created by these writers and measures everybody else by their standards. What you've got to live up to, girls!

Managed to get to my drama committee meeting and contributed very little, other than hearing myself, as from very, very far away volunteering to direct next season's pantomime. 2008, you understand, not January 2007. That really would be foolish...

Now, all I have to do this week is get at least 20,000 words of book written, learn words, find an electrician and someone who can dig the garden. Any suggestions?

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