Sunday, October 15, 2006

Phalanx of Family

Well, it sounded like a good title...

Spent the week trying to catch up on book 2, although it kept taking me to places where I needed even more research. Bit of a nuisance, sometimes, this writing lark. Monday night had a very long red wine session with a friend who's recently been freed from a long sentence as a carer. Tuesday, felt extremely - er - tired.

Have also been trying to learn words, which isn't working very well, either. Must make an effort today, while son Leo is out making a short film for entry into the Canterbury Festival.

On Friday, eldest daughter Louise, mother of infant grandson Gus, returned to work as a singer by doing a half hour warm up set at our local theatre for the main event, her partner Jarrod's band, Hullabaloo. As this was something of an event, Louise's normal appearances with the Pasadena Roof Orchestra being all over the country and Europe, several members of my family decided to come to Whitstable to watch. Also best man Roger, currently living in South Africa, happened to be in the country, so arrived to stay as well. Very good concert at The Playhouse, and yesterday everybody met up at our local for lunch. Noise level was incredible. By the time they'd all gone and I returned to the pub for the regular fortnightly quiz, I was completely kn-----ed. I'm too old for all this.

However, it was a great couple of days, and I loved seeing the family. My cousins are very special to me, as I am an only child, but we have all always kept in touch and are the best of friends.

Must now go and catch up with some of the things I haven't done over the last few days. Feels very silly writing all this knowing that nobody will read it.


Anonymous said...

Hello Lesley!

Best Wishes!

Pants said...

Well I make it three at least. I'm fascinated that the Pasadena Roof Orchestra is still going. I remember them from the seventies - good fun they were too.